A Snowboarders Career, Snowboarding Early Days At Hotham and Starting Boardriders – Ashley Muller

From growing up surfing, being a chef to ending up in Europe in the 1980s and becoming a snowboarder when snowboarding was just beginning. This chat is a real slice of what it was like to help snowboarding develop in the early days, particularly in Australia. We chat about starting the Hotham Boardriders a club for snowboarders, which is still going on at Hotham. We also talk about his career as a snowboarder and instructor spanning all over the globe from Europe, Australia, Vail in the US, and Chile.

Image supplied by Ashley Muller, 1990 Australia’s first banked slalom race – Gun Barrel, Mt Hotham, Victoria, Australia.

This episode was produced and published by Rouchelle Gilmore.


  1. That’s a fun interview. Always grateful that I met you and you introduced me to boarding (and the Hotham Boardriders). I remember when we were often the only snowboarders on the mountain.Hanging out with Buff, Nick, Billy and Pav.

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  2. You’re a beautiful person, a good rider and creative teacher! I love to hear about your new ideas. I love riding with you in Valle Nevado Chile.


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