Starting The Ski Instructor Diaries, a necessary blog for ski instructors – with Oriane Lister & Georgina Cunningham

Chat with Co-founders of the Ski Instructor Diaries, about why they started this website and why they are filling a necessary gap in the ski industry.

Oriane Lister and Georgina Cunningham are two pretty new ski instructors who only have a couple of seasons under their belt but, don’t let that fool you. They have been writing about things which most if not all other snowsports instructors can relate to. There were no other independent websites about being a ski instructor. They launched the site in June 2020 so they are just at the beginning of their journey in this space, but the girls tell me they have been getting some great traction and support from people around the world.

In this chat we get to know them and why they started the site as well as touching on ski instructing being a legitimate career path. A relatable and insightful chat for those in the industry.

Follow The Ski Instructor Diaries on their website or Instagram @skiinstructordiaries.

And you can follow The Mountain Cosmos on Instagram.

This episode was recorded and produced by Rouchelle Gilmore.

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