The mountains have a strong pull for many people. Everyone has there own story of how they come to live in the mountains or choose to escape to the mountains casually. Some people are born in the mountains and do not know any other way of life, others come from big cities, boring flat lands and everything in-between. There are some pretty awesome people out in these places.

A podcast about life in the mountains.

The mission of The Mountain Cosmos is to share stories from a diverse range of people who have something to do with mountain life.

Some of you may wonder why the name The Mountain Cosmos… Well the mountain should explain itself. But the word cosmos is related to many things which are strongly related to life in the mountains.

Cosmos was originally a Greek word, meaning both ‘order’ and ‘world.’ The ancient Greeks thought the world was impeccably in order, perfect and harmonious.  Although these days it means, ‘all of creation.’ Among a few other things which are insatiably important to mountain people. Such as ‘nature’ and ‘system of thought’. Both completely important as we are in nature and looking after it, while system of thought is to do with how we approach the mountains.

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Helping Form Snowboarding In Australia – Peter Rob-O The Mountain Cosmos

After reading out the story 'Why Don't You Come Over?' from Snowboarders Edge -The Magazine For Shredders , in an earlier episode the writer Peter Rob-O got in contact. Sparking an episode about early days snowboarding in Australia and around the world. As well as skiing. Some surprising and colourful stories in there, of travels, early days in the Australian ski resorts, North American experiences, freestyle skiing, surf culture, innovation and the attitude towards snowboarding in the early days.The influences in bringing snowboarding to the mainstream.Follow 'First Tracks – The Origins of Australian Snowboarding' on Facebook.Follow The Mountain Cosmos on Instagram and Facebook.This episode was produced and published by Rouchelle Gilmore.
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