Helping Form Snowboarding In Australia – Peter Rob-O

After reading out the story ‘Why Don’t You Come Over?’ from Snowboarders Edge – The Magazine For Shredders , in an earlier episode the writer Peter Rob-O got in contact. Sparking an episode about early days snowboarding in Australia and around the world. As well as skiing. Some surprising and colourful stories in there, of travels, early days in the Australian ski resorts, North American experiences, freestyle skiing, surf culture, innovation and the attitude towards snowboarding in the early days.

Peter Rob-O was the first person to import Burton and Sims snowboards to Australia from 1981.

An all round chat capturing the influences in bringing snowboarding to the mainstream.

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Peter Rob-O with his first Burton snowboard, Mt Buller 1981.

This episode was produced and published by Rouchelle Gilmore.

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  1. Rob-o still an eloquent and animated talker. They were great times and many longtime friendships formed. I concur, Bumps had no idea how to fix my board, thank goodness you were there that day. Jeff (Juju) Purcell.


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