Backcountry Women Of Australia – Leonie Wohl

This episode is a chat with Leonie Wohl, she is avid backcountry split boarder and she also helps run the Facebook group Backcountry Women Of Australia. We talk about a lot of different things in relation to the backcountry, what she carries in her pack, how to get into the backcountry, women in the backcountry, choosing appropriate gear, and a few other hot tips.

Important links and resources:
Follow Leonie on Instsgram: @littlewohl
Backcountry Women Of Australia Facebook group
Snow Safety Australia
Avalanche Australia

Photo: Ryan Papas, @rypap.

Follow The Mountain Cosmos on Instagram and Facebook.

This episode was produced and published by Rouchelle Gilmore.

Feature image: Nina Lange, @Nina_intriquephotography.

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