Fighting Fires Around Dinner Plain And A Passion For Mountains – Cam Walker

The Australian mountains are a magical region according to Cam Walker, he shares his love for the backcountry in Australia. From backcountry exploring, telemark skiing and the nature. Cam’s love for the mountains and nature is infectious.

This chat also discusses some environmental issues which affect the Australian Alpine region. Which leads to Cam sharing of his experiences as a volunteer firefighter for the CFA where he helped defended the fires which ripped through the alpine regions in Australia earlier in 2020. In particular the fires around Dinner Plain and Mt Hotham in Victoria in early January. Dinner Plain came very close to being burnt down.

Cam also runs a blog called the Mountain Journal, which captures a lot of Australian mountain related topics and organises The Australian Backcountry Festival which runs out of Mt Hotham, in Victoria.

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One of the days Dinner Plain nearly burnt down in early January 2020.

All images supplied by Cam Walker.

This episode was produced and published by Rouchelle Gilmore.

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