Skiing Is Good For The Soul and I Ski For Squirrel – Buller Rork

Ski friends are the best friends. Buller Rork grew up in Jackson, WY, America and is stoked on skiing.

A conversation covering topics in relation to what it is like to live and grow up in a mountain town, moving away for college, Buller’s head injury, his stint as a ski instructor for one season, when he got his Jackson Hole Air Force patch and what the whole movement means to him. As well as the idea of the Rendezvous Mountain Pirates, the ski group Buller and his other friends started.

Along with a discussion on what the winter in Jackson Hole Mountain Resort could look like for 2020/21 and season pass dilemmas.

Buller would like to dedicate this episode to his mom, Squirrel Rork.

This episode was recorded and produced by Rouchelle Gilmore.

Buller in Dicks Ditch race, 2020.

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