New skier, a season in Japan and attempting to remain sane in iso – Darcy White

Feel good chat about remaining sane in mandatory isolation after returning from Japan with Darcy White. Rouchelle and Darcy chat about how she become a skier, how she ended up in Japan, crossing over from other sports, the books they have been reading and what she had been doing to pass the time while she was in quarantine. They also have a bit of a little discussion about climate change and the the effect on our ski seasons in Australia. This was kinda sparked from a book Rouchelle, had been reading called “Shaped By Snow: Defending the Future of Winter” by Ayja Bounous.

And of course they talked a little bit about how Darcy’s season ended up, as well as Rouchelle’s.

This podcast was produced by Rouchelle Gilmore.

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