Buff Farnell – long-term Hotham skier, Australian backcountry and photoshoots

A chat with long-term Mt Hotham, Victoria, Australia, skier and local Buff Farnell.

Rouchelle and Buff talk about how he became a skier and how he came to call Hotham his mountain home, his definition of a ski bum, the Australian backcountry, how he became sponsored by Quicksilver and his first Quicksilver ad, how shooting with Andrew Barns was the start of him becoming a photographed skier, some of his favourite trips and projects he has worked on as far as being in ski photos, learning how to ski as part of the Alpine ski racing club at Hotham in his 20s and where some of his skiing inspiration has come from.

He has been skiing Hotham for over 30 years and has skied all around the world. Enjoy this little get-to-know Buff conversation.

This episode was produced and recorded by Rouchelle Gilmore.

Feature image credit: Chris Hocking.

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