RETRO READS – Snowboarders Edge – Why Don’t You Come Over?

The Magazine For Shredders – Snowboarders Edge, a historical snapshot of early snowboarding. The snowboarding print publication was printed between 1988 and 1990, it focused on snowboarding in Australia with some overseas features.

After receiving a package of Australian retro snowboarding treasures from Thor Prohaska, including some copies of the Snowboarders Edge magazine. Rouchelle has decided to read out older stories periodically.

Story read out was ‘Why Don’t You Come Over?’ written by Peter Rob-O, from Vol. 2 Winter Edition. The article appears to be a letter to a fellow snowboarding friend who is away from the mountains.

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This episode was produced and published by Rouchelle Gilmore.

Snowboarders Edge – The Magazine For Shredders


  1. Very cool to hear my story that I wrote some 30 years ago. Who am I ? Well in essence I was the main contributing writer to the mag you’re reading from and one of its masterminds plus if you ask around the old school freestyle skiers and original shredders you will get your answers soon enough. I am well known to most being considered the father of snowboarding in Australia doing most of the first promotion of the sport in the media and with on snow competitions. If you’re interested I can send you more info and material than you can handle and give you a podcast you won’t believe….what else would you expect from a Pioneer snowboarder ? In brief, the first distributor of Burton outside the USA, a pioneer freestyle skier, then instructor, ski patroller and mountain guide, A ski and snowboard mag editor and writer for years, running snow and surf shops plus travelling the world following my passions for ever on a shoestring ! That about sums it up or does it ?. I love your approach and interest in what we did years ago to plant Australia firmly in the snowboarding of today. Of course I am stoked to see that the great stuff i all its forms from the old days isn’t forgotten yet. Bravo Rouchelle.


  2. Oh..and yes….you’re right as you’ve read well between the lines, the story is written as a letter between two separated winter buddies.


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