Embracing The Moment You Are In – Mountain Monica

Mountain Monica or a.k.a Monica Fedrigo, fellow creator, blogger, and ski instructor shares her thoughts on life. A quote pulled straight from this podcast ‘how you do one thing is how you do everything’ sets the tone for this chat. Monica is one of the most positive people you will hear. She shares her love for the mountains, and her all round outlook on life amongst some great stories.

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This episode was produced and published by Rouchelle Gilmore.


  1. A good question; When do you stop being young? I think it’s to do with attitude my friend Kip skied till he was 83 and disliked anyone suggesting he was old. Another friend in his Sixties gets lots of request lessons to teach children because he’s fun to be with… Keep your positivity and people won’t think about your age, but more important neither will you…


  2. amazing interview! and these two ladies need to come to alaska. ive lived in Jackson long before them. its special for sure. ak is the frontier. haines is the community


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